Anbuvanam is the place where an orphanage, a home for the aged and a annadharmasala are managed by Balaprajapathi Adikalar at Swamithoppu. Anbuvanam is located near Muthirikinaru. Ayya Vaikuntar states in His Arul Nool that one should do dharma at Muthirikinaru. Following these lines of Arul nool, the Anbuvanam has been established. Anbuvanam is located in the land on which ayya vaikuntar ploughed and cultivated.

Ayya Vaikuntar advised His devotees to do the thirty two arams specified in the Vedas. Anbuvanam is the first step in this line. Here, an orphanage is maintained. More than forty children stay here and study in the nearby schools. The children are very happy here as Thirumathi. Ramani Bai, wife of Balaprajapathi Adikalar treats the children as her own.

The children who stay here do the day-to-day chores of Anbuvanam,. Watering the garden and maintaining the cattle of the Gosala are their routine work. Two teachers are appointed there to teach these children their daily lessons.

There are about twenty old people in this home for the aged. We are witnessing today the gradual demise of the time-tested and age-old custom of joint-family system. The seeming economical and psychological advantages have brought in the ‘single family epoch’. Women vie with men for a work-spot in the daily life to make both ends meet. This sea-change has been hard on the elderly parents who are neglected by their own children. The present-day, jet-set society is agape at this unwitting evil, an inevitable fallout of the societal changes. Anbuvanam is a home that cares for old people. Here they are provided with three whole meals a day. They are not engaged to do any work. They feel at home and are at peace here.

Anbuvanam has a thodarvazhipattukoodam. Here, an eternal lamp is maintained. The aged people who live here are responsible for the maintenance of this eternal lamp. The people also chant ayya siva siva arakara arakara at the Thodrvazhipattukoodam regularly.

Anbuvanam maintains a feeding house also. There is no gift worthier and nobler than annadhanam. In our country, food for the needy and the poor is not merely a service but a holy tradition. It is said that one who offers food is placed among the Devas. Akilathirattu and Arulnool praise annadhanam. So, as per Ayya Vaikuntar’s wishes a feeding house is maintained here.

More than two hundred people are fed here daily. On festival days, this number will go up to two thousand. Anbuvanam has no Government grant or any other source of income. Balaprajapathi Adikalar takes alms and maintains the Anbuvanam.

Balaprajapathi Adikalar is a man different from the other Madathipathys of Tamil Nadu. He is a family man. He has got a wife and children. Ayya Vaikuntar states that Illarathai vittu thavam illaikan veruthavam. So, he is observing penance while leading a family life. His wife. Mrs. Ramani Bai, is a lady born for the maintenance of this Anbuvanam. His mother, Thirumathi Manonmani Ammal helps her son to maintain the Anbuvanam even at her old age.

The building initially had thatched roof and a monthly religious journal Anbuchanku is being published by Anbuvanam. There is also a carpentry unit here. The temple vahana is being made here by a group of men. The cattle donated to Anbuvanam are maintained in a Gosala. There is a small tank located in the premises of Anbuvanam.

The fame of Anbuvanam has spread up to Japan and Germany. German and Japanese journals have published reports about Anbuvanam. But, no tamil or English daily of India has so far come forward to wirte about the dharmam being done at anbuvanam.

A lot of Eminent personalities have visited Anbuvanam and recorded their observations in the visitor’s book. Thiru. Chandra Sekhar, the former Prime-Minister visited Anbuvanam and stayed there for a day. Thiru. Natesan Paulraj, Thiru. Kumari Ananthan, Thiru. KKSS. Ramachandran, Thiru. Aranganayagam, Thiru. Neelaokidasan are some of the Eminent personalities who visited Anbuvanam.

Despite much financial hardships Balaprajapathi Adikalar keeps the Anbuvanam going. He owes it to the guiding grace of Ayya Vaikuntar.

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