For the last twenty years, there is spurt in the development of this cult. From 1947 onwards Ayyavazhi is growing day by day. More and more people come to Swamithoppu to worship Ayya Vaikuntar.

Before 1947, there was no organized procession on the birth day of Ayya Vaikuntar. Balaprajapathi Adikalar was responsible for the organization of this procession. He went from village to village on foot to organize the procession. There was jubilation among the devotees for this proposal. The first procession took place in the year 1975.

People from Kerala participate with decorated vehicles in the shape of chariots. This procession was the first step in taking Ayyavazhi to different parts of India. From that year onwards, the Masi procession is an important event in the religious history of Kanyakumari District. People from almost all the districts of Tamil Nadu participate in this procession.

Peace and Inter-religious Dialogue

The Mandaikadu problem and the religious unrest that followed made many Hindu religious leaders to go underground. Balaprajapathi Adikalar along with Kuntrakudi Adikalar formed a peace Committee and paved the way for inter-religious dialogue and Ayyavazhi devotees were largely instrumental in settling the issue.

Several leaders of different religions visited Swamithoppu to learn about Ayya Vaikuntar. The Bishop of Kottar Diocese and Marthandom Diocese, Buddhist leaders of Japan and many Muslim leaders of South India had visited Swamithoppu.


Ayyavazhi Conference

Many conferences have been organized so as to bring Ayyavazhi to the masses. The conferences are also organized to bring unity among the Ayyavazhi people. The first conference was held at Marthandam for three days. Later, conferences were conducted at Valliyoor, Madras, Arumuganeri, Nagercoil, Thiruvanathapuram and almost at all the taluk head quarters of Kanyakumari District.
The Gurus as well as experts deliver lectures on the tenets of Ayyavazhi at the conferences. Eduvasippu is conducted invariably. This is followed by discourse on Akilathirattu. A procession is organized whenever a conference is conducted. Finally, they pass resolutions which all the people are to follow in future. The conferences are the corner stones for the development. Other religious leaders are also invited and honoured in the conferences.


New Temple Car and Flag Mast

A new temple car was made for Swamithoppu during 1978. The cost of the temple car was more than rupees four lakh. The old temple car was made more than a hundred years ago. So, a new temple car was made. A new building was also constructed to house the car. Now-a-days, this new car is used in the Car festival. The old chariot was presented to the museum at Kanyakumari. Thiru. Thanga Nadar of Chennavannanvillai as per the guidance of Thiru. Balaprajapathi Adikalar collected donations from the public and made this chariot for the temple.

During 1990, a new flagmast was consecrated at Swamithoppu. This project was sponsored by Thiru.Ariramakrishna Nadar.


Ayyavazhi Anbukodimakkal Thiruchabai

Ayyavazhi Thiruchabai is the latest development in Ayyavazhi. In every village, a democratically elected body is formed. Further, these village committees constitute a Block committee. The Block Committee will further constitute a district level committee. These committees will be given specific functions. Separate rules are being framed for this Thiruchabai by Balaprajapathi Adikalar. Thousands of village committees have been formed.


Holiday for the Birthday of Ayya Vaikuntar

Ayya Vaikuntar’s birthday is being celebrated with great enthusiasm. On this auspicious day, thousands of people congregate at Swamithoppu to have darshan at the temple. For a long time, there was a demand for declaring 20th Masi as holiday for Kanyakumari District. The demand was voiced at each and every Ayyavazhi conference. Consequently the government had declared 20th masi being the birthday of Ayya Vaikuntar as a local holiday.

The then Hon’ble HR & CE Minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru Natesan Paulraj and the MLAs and MPs of Kanyakumari district were instrumental in making the possible.

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