The temple is managed by the Gurus of Lord Vaikuntar’s gurukulam. The Gurus are the descendants of Guru Podukutti. It is learnt that the five disciples of Lord Vaikuntar helped Him in his day-to-day affairs. Guru Podukutty cooked and served the Nithiyapal to the Lord. When the disciples became popular, they went out preaching the message of the Lord.

Lord Vaikuntar gave eight Chakarams (Travancore State Currency) daily to each of His disciples. He used to give the balance to Podukutti. When there was shortage of Chakarams on a particular day, he would ask Podukutti to bring what was left of the previous day. Thus he was made a manager of the temple. His descendents are managing the temple now by rotation. Thiru Ananthankutty Nadar is the eldest Guru. He is also called as the pattathu ayya.

Even though the responsibility lies on one, all the Gurus join together and perform the day-to-day duties of this temple. The Gurus are Payyan Chella Raj. Bala Prajapathi, Bala Janathipathi, Balalokathipathi, Payyan Sami, Thangapandian and Sekar to name a few.


Bala Prajapathi is the most popular personality of all of them. He has devoted his life to the temple and Ayyavazhi.

He had initiated the new flag mast project, and the new temple car project, to name a few. He has laid foundation stones for more than one thousand nizhal thangals. He has united all the people following this cult at Madras and this cult is now flourishing at Madras. Now a new nizhal thangal is established in Chennai at Manalipudu Nagar.

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