Ayya Vaikuntar and His cult had gained popularity only among the lower castes with very few exceptions since most of the writers and historians were from the higher castes, they avoided making any reference to Ayya Vaikuntar and his mission. In Travancore history also there is no known record available either in the 19th Century or in the early periods of the 20th Century. But Kavimony Desikavinayakam Pillai, the famous Tamil Poet of the 20th Century has written about Ayyavazhi in his book marumakkal vazhi manmeyam. This book is a satire in which Kavimony condemns the socio economic practices followed among the Nancil Nadu Vellalars. In this book Kavimony expresses the fame of Ayyavazhi through the words of the narrator. Palvaipu and Kanakukettal followed even now by the devotees, was mentioned by Kavimony.

Palvaipu and Annadhanam which is a daily routine practice in Swamithoppu is a standing testimony to the fact refered to by Kavimony.

Kavimony has also written ayya siva siva arakara arakara in this book as the words of the lady who narrates marumakkal vazhi manmeyam (p.115).

Poet Kavimony was against casteism. He lived in a place called Theroor which is very near to Swamithoppu. He was influenced by Ayyavazhi. He had belief in Ayya Vaikuntar and His cult. So he has written about his cult in his book. Kavimony was the only man among the dominant upper caste people to accept Ayya Vaikuntar and record his writings till to date.

English Missionaries

The English missionaries who were here at this part of the country to spread their religion felt that Ayyavazhi was an obstacle to the spread of their religion. They sent many reports to their headquarters in London. In the Annual report of the London mission society, James Town mission District for the year 1863, it is recorded that they had no time to sleep as Ayyavazhi was spreading like wild fire. The report says that the followers of Ayya Vaikuntar met together in a building which was smaller than the village chapels.

In the Annual report of London Mission society, Santhapuram mission District for the year 1864, it is reported as follows:”Some years ago a Palmyrah climber named Muthukutty claimed to be an incarnation of Vishnu and deceived many people. His followers have erected Pagodas in many places. As they regard Muthukutty as an incarnation of Vishnu they affirm that the worship of Muthukutty is really a worship of the Supreme Being. This imposter is one of the chief obstacles to the spread of the gospels in these parts”.

In he Annual report of the London mission society Nagercoil mission District Kottara Division for the year 1874, the entire scene of Thamaraikulam – present Swamithoppu- has been reported. In this they had reported that Muthukuttism was a terrible check to the spread of Christianity. In this they have also reported about the car festival conducted here at Swamithoppu. Further they had also reported that thousands are annually drawn from towns and villages far and near.

Even Christianity, with the full patronage of the King and the East India Company, and also with the financial support they got from the rulers, could not stand in the way of the spread of Ayyavazhi. Ayyavazhi had spread like wild fire and no religion had attained such a development without proper missionary in such a short span of 150 years.

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