Ayya vaikuntar foretold many things in his holy books, Akilathirattu as well as Arul nool. He had seen much in advance the technical and scientific progress a\not conceivable during his times. He had foretold events which are proving correct in our times. If someone makes a research on Akilathirattu and Aurl nool in these lines and complies his predictions it will run into volumes and volumes. A handful of his predictions are narrated in this chapter.

“Ram Janma Bhoomi – Babri Masjid”


“Ayothi pattanam than azhiyuthada en mahane”
– Arul nool


“My son Ayothi city will get destroyed”

For several centuries after the alleged demolition and desecration of the temple where Lord Rama was born, there were many attempts to demolish the

Babri Masjid. There are many who believe that Ayodhya referred to in Ramayana is elsewhere. But a large majority had accepted this place as the birth place of Lord Rama (Janmasthan of Lord Rama). The dispute has been heating up for the past forty years and the building was closed for darshan. Later it was opened for Hindus to conduct pooja. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad tried to put a saffron flag on the top of this building. Finally, the bilding was demolished and basic construction work for the Ramajanma Bhoomi was started. Ayya Vaikuntar has foretold about this vexed issue and the result.

Roads and Transport


“Nazhuku nazhai nadakkum vazhi kurukum”
– Akilathirattu


“Day by day the distance you walk will diminish”


During the days of Ayya Vaikuntar there were no proper roads and transport facilities. Only the rich and the privileged could travel on horseback or on chariots. But common men had to walk long distances to reach cities and towns. Moreover, there were no proper roads. Even though we read from books that there were “Royal roads”, the common men were not allowed to use those roads. But the scene is very much different now-a-days. After the advent of cycle and other vehicles very few walk even to nearby places. Others use the public transport system and personal vehicles. Thus the Lord’s words have come true.

Prosopis – Prosopis Julifora


“Vettavezhi thanilae makkal velipairahuthappa”
– Arul nool


“Son, Live fence is grown on the open space”

If someone travels through the length and breadth of this country, this shrub Prosopis Julifora is a common sight everywhere. This shrub is known by various names viz Kanthimul, Kangress mul, Velikaruvai, Delhi Mul etc. This shrub was introduced into India less than a hundred years ago and grown in open spaces to control wind and soil erosion. This shrub can be grown into a tree. Now Prosopis is responsible for the economy of the dry districts of Tamil Nadu like Ramanad.

Ayya Vaikuntar has written prophetically. Now-a-days this plant is grown in open and waste lands for charcoal and firewood. Ayya Vaikuntar has foreseen this and recorded it in his book Arul nool.

Womens Era


“Nariyarkal koodi nadengum vasamittu
Oru kudai keezh azhvar”
– Akilathirattu


“Power to rule the state will be in the hands of women”

Ayya Vaikuntars period was a dark period for women. In those days, women had no freedom. Women were not allowed to move freely in society. They had no education, no right to voice their ideas. Women were confined to the house. But now the scene is much different. Women are equal to men in every walk of life. They are scaling the Everest and flying in the aerospace and even have become heads of states. Today countries like Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan had or are having women heads of state. Ayya Vaikuntar had foretold this in his book Akilathirattu.



“Nazh thorum boomellam kadu thaninthuvaram”
– Akilathirattu


“There will be constant shrinking of forest area”

Forests are being destroyed, and afforestation is the need of the day. Trees of the forests are destroyed day by day for fuel, furniture and fodder throughout the world. In India, every year 1.5 million hectares of forest is destroyed. The total forest area of our country is less than 23 percent of our geographical area. Forest wealth is the real wealth of the country.

Ayya Vaikuntar had foreseen this and foretold it in his holy book Arul nool in the chapter Nadutheervai ula. But there is good news in Sivakanda akikarapathiram. Here ayya had recorded, Nadellam kadakkum. As per his words our afforestation programs such as social forestry will be successful and our forest wealth will increase in future.


Cows and Milk


“Adumadu aruguthadi katha avinangal thonuthadi”
– Akilathirattu


“While the strength of cattle is reduced the milk output will increase”

After the artificial insemination and introduction of exotic breeds there is a spurt in the milk production. The milk yield per animal has almost doubled, but the strength of cowheads has fallen drastically. Ayya Vaikuntar had foreseen this fact 150 years ago and this is the day to day matter in the Animal husbandry of our country. Scientists have invented embryo transfer technology which is expected to increase the milk yield to a large etent in future. Thus Ayya Vaikuntar’s words in Akilathirattu have come true.

Sri Lanka


“Srilanka mariyathu chennel vilayauthada thee meluga nalachu
Ennudaya thambimarae elankapuri ahuvai”
– Akilathirattu


“There will be change in Sri Lanka after fire and blood”
“ My brother you will rule Sri Lanka”

Sri Lanka, an island nation now plunged in internal ethnic war fare had been mentioned by Ayya Vaikuntar in his holy book Arul nool. BI There were incidents of Tamil Kings annexing SriLanka to their territory. During 1815, the last Tamil King Vikram Rajasingam who ruled Kandy – a part of Sri Lanka – revolted against the English rulers and was imprisoned at Velur Fort in Tamil Nadu i.e., before the time of Ayya Vaikuntar. From that time onwards, misery reigned for the Tamils of Sri Lanka. Later after President Jeyavarthane became the Head of State, the Tamils were treated as second class citizens and the result was ethnic crisis. There is an independence war being fought by the Tamils in Sri Lanka for the past fifteen and odd years. Ayya Vaikuntar says that there will be change in Sri Lanka after fire and mischief.

The Chennel Vilayuthada is symbolic of the enormous blood shed to come. The scene is the day to day life of Tamils at Sri Lanka. More than fifty thousand people have shed their blood for Tamil Eelam. Ayya Vaikuntar says that the Tamils will rule Sri Lanka. Ayya Vaikuntar’s words denote that the Tamils will rule not only Tamil Eelam but also the entire Sri Lanka.

Ayya Vaikuntar shines as the light of the world by this simple but revolutionary life. He lived what he taught. Suffused with a selfless yearning to aid the suffering masses, he sought to redeem the dignity of human life irrespective of caste, creed connotations. No existent powers of his time, be they princely, governmental or godly, could stop him from his avowed path.

To attain salvation and to enjoy the bliss of being one with God is everyone’s final ambition. But the path to salvation in strewn with half-hearted measures and pseudo-desires. It is like walking on the sharp razor-edge. A sincere desire in this salvific effort would take one necessarily to Swamithoopu, the earthy abode of Lord Vaikuntar, and experience the realm of realization.

Ayya Undu.

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